General Information


The closest weather station to the farm is in Belfast.  The annual temperature varies between -8º C and 32º C, with an average annual minimum of 7.2º C and an average annual maximum of 20.2º C.  Although Dullstroom experiences mist on a regular basis, Field and Stream is lower in altitude and only occasionally experiences mist.

Water catchment

Four springs are found on the property.  Each of these feed their own streams which eventually join up with each other and flow into the Witpoort River at the southern end of the farm.  The Witpoort River is a tributary of the Olifants River.

Three waterfalls are present on the farm.  The first, Pam’s Pool, is up along the stream that feeds into the southern end of Meike’s Mere.  The second waterfall, Bald Ibis Waterfall, can be found past Matuka Dam on the way to the river, and the third waterfall, River Waterfall, flows into the Witpoort River.

A walk along any of the streams or the river will reveal a number of deep pools, rapids and coves.

There are two man-made dams on the property: Meike’s Mere and Matuka Dam, and one weir: Williams Favourite.  Each of the dams has created wetlands at their inlets and outlets, providing good bird watching opportunities.


The farm is situated in the North-eastern Mountain Grassland veld type.  It is considered to be a true grassland, and is dominated by grasses and grass-like plants.  Some of the most common grasses found on the farm are Common Russetgrass (Loudetia simplex), Giant Speargrass (Trachypogon spicatus), Ngongoni Three-awn (Aristida junciformis), Boat Grass (Monocymbium ceresiifrome) and Red Grass (Thermeda triandra).  A large number of wild flowers are present, and add particular beauty to the farm between October and February.  Unique to the farm is the large stand of Protea trees that can be seen from the road down to the river.  For the energetic, a number of tree ferns can be seen along the streams.  Small tracts of indigenous forest can also be found in some of the kloofs and at the waterfalls.


A number of mammals have been seen on the farm.  Oribi, steenbok, duiker, grey rhebok and fallow deer are common on the farm.  The farm is home to 5 species of bat.  Two bat boxes have been erected at the Lodge to attract bats.  Dassies can be seen in large numbers at the river and occasionally at Meike’s Meer.  Serval, black-backed jackal, side striped jackal, caracal, brown hyaena, otter, aardwolf and leopard are the predators that frequent the farm.  Porcupine, bushpig, warthog and civet are the other large mammals found on the farm.

Fallow deer, side striped jackals and duikers are often seen in front of the Lodge at night under the pear trees in early summer.