Information On Animals


A bird list is available for the farm.  Of particular note though are the following:

  • A Bald Ibis colony at the waterfall below the second dam.
  • A Black Eagle can be seen periodically along the river.
  • A pair of Blue Cranes visits the farm annually between August and January.
  • There is a breeding pair of Cape Eagle Owls on the property and are sometimes seen in front of the Lodge at night.
  • Gurney’s Sugarbird can be seen in the Protea savanna toward the end of summer.



Four snake species are commonly seen on the farm:

The variegated bush snake is most often seen in the larger trees along the streams.  Puff adders and Rinkhals have been seen on several occasions on the farm, and the harmless green water snakes are often seen swimming across the dams.



There are a number of indigenous fish species found in the streams and the river.  The dams are stocked regularly with trout.  Both dams are home to several very large trout that have been resident for a few years.  The streams and river are home to a number of wild-bred trout, and offer challenging fishing during the summer months.  The Witpoort River is closed to fishing during the winter months.



Koi Bushmen paintings at the river are evidence that the farm was once inhabited by these people.


Boer war gun posts can be found at several locations on the farm.  The neighbouring farm, Windhoek, was where General Ben Viljoen had his head quarters. It was also the location of the main horse camp for the Boers in the area.

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